Under Sink Water Filter

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How does it work?

The benefits of an under sink water filter are overwhelmingly positive. Because of this, installation has greatly increased across the country.

Describing the process of home filter systems is simple, now. The science has greatly improved how the units fixed under sinks, function.

There are two types of filter:

Simple Under Sink Filter

In this mode, the entire cold water line for the sink is rerouted to the filter. The treated water is then dispensed back into the line and out the cold water faucet.Hot water is not involved.

Conventional Under Sink Filter

This style, involves an additional countertop faucet for filtered water. The cold supply is again diverted to the filter, however it is not returned to the stock faucet. It shoots to the new one, while unfiltered water continues its normal passage.

We, Environmental Systems Distributing (ESD),are water quality experts. Providing every thing you need to adapt water purification and filtration systems in your home, you’ll be on your path to clean, safe water in no time.

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