Enjoying Water

Taste, Association, and USA Water Filters

It’s no secret that water is very good for you. It’s integral for maintaining health. Yet, some people find water rather unappealing compared to juice, soda, etc. If you are one of those people, here are ways to promote regular water intake.

Change the Taste

Making simple enhancements to water’s taste without making it unhealthy is easy. A couple of mint leaves, a squeeze of limes/lemons, or strawberries are healthy solutions that taste great.


Trick yourself, every time you take a sip, think of something pleasant. Or drink water in the presence of good company. Overtime, you’ll grow to enjoy it naturally.

Install a Water Filter made in the US

The taste of wholesome, clean water is sensational and may be enough for you to change your perception of it. You won’t just be drinking water, but water free of chemicals and contaminants.

We, at Environmental Systems Distributing, are leading manufacturers of water treatment systems, understanding the grave importance of not only regular water intake, but healthy water intake.

Visit our website or call 877-930-5525 for more information on our top products, made right here in the USA!

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Wholehouse Water Filters

How are they beneficial?

In the end, installing a whole water filter is less expensive and a more environmentally water source option. With the right models, you can avoid contaminants common to your area.

Clean Water, Everywhere!

Unsoiled, filtered water will flow from every water source in your home, not just the kitchen sink. Drinking water is no longer the only treated H20 available.


If all else fails, you can be sure that at least your home’s water is safe. Theoretically, municipal water treatment and sanitation system breakdowns will not affect your supply.


The assortment of chemicals that are otherwise released into the air with single faucet systems are now dispelled and disseminated when water first hits the comprehensive plumbing system.

This is not a claim that wholehouse systems are better than other systems. Different situations dictate different manners of water purification. However, we at Environmental Systems Distributing provide equipment from all types and can set you up, regardless.

Visit our website or call (877)-930-5525 and learn more!

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Under Sink Water Filter

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How does it work?

The benefits of an under sink water filter are overwhelmingly positive. Because of this, installation has greatly increased across the country.

Describing the process of home filter systems is simple, now. The science has greatly improved how the units fixed under sinks, function.

There are two types of filter:

Simple Under Sink Filter

In this mode, the entire cold water line for the sink is rerouted to the filter. The treated water is then dispensed back into the line and out the cold water faucet.Hot water is not involved.

Conventional Under Sink Filter

This style, involves an additional countertop faucet for filtered water. The cold supply is again diverted to the filter, however it is not returned to the stock faucet. It shoots to the new one, while unfiltered water continues its normal passage.

We, Environmental Systems Distributing (ESD),are water quality experts. Providing every thing you need to adapt water purification and filtration systems in your home, you’ll be on your path to clean, safe water in no time.

Visit our website and see how we can help!

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Under Sink or Countertop – A Water Filter Buying Manuel


For Starters

The water filter has become easier to install and simpler to maintain, everything from decanters to home systems – USA made products have never been better.

It’s easier than ever

Eliminate contamination from your drinking water with ease. Installing a common, whole house water filter directly to the plumbing is less complicated.

And now most small versions feature electronic indicator signals when it’s time to change.
In this day and age, a countertop water filter is increasingly valuable. Harmful contaminants are no stranger to tap water and the cost of bottled water can mount.

Test your water

You may want to discover which containments are you in water first. So you can match the filter to the issue. A NSA replacement water filter may suit you better than a different brand or vice versa.

Seek out state-certified testing lab or a local health agency, they might offer inexpensive or free test kits. It could affect which home filter systems you consider.

Cater to your needs

If your family consumes a lot of water daily, a single filter would need continuous refilling. Many of the full house water treatment systems may better benefit you.

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3 Reasons to Dechlorinate Your Shower Water


  1. Skin Rashes: Do you suffer from skin rashes? Overtime, regular contact with chlorine can cause skin rashes to worsen.
  2. Eye Irritation: If you have ever been swimming in a pool, you know that chlorine can irritate your eyes. Dechlorinating your shower helps protect your eyes against uncomfortable irritation.
  3. Sinus Aggravation: Not only can chlorine irritate your skin and eyes upon contact, but breathing it in on a regular basis can also aggravate your sinuses, causing infections and inflammation overtime.

Would you like to dechlorinate your shower water? Environmental Systems Distributing offers dechlorinated shower heads, perfect for protecting your body against the negative effects of chlorine.

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Proper Water Filtration For Your Home


Drinking chlorinated tap water increases cancer risk 93% higher than not drinking chlorinated tap water. Bottled water is just as polluted as tap water and yet, we still sink so much money into it. Instead of drinking tap water or sinking your money into a dubious water source, the clear smart alternative to to invest in a water filtration system that will save you money and be better for your body. There’s a variety of water filters you can use as a smarter alternative. If you do the math of a water filtration system, you’re paying less than a penny per gallon.

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3 Tips to Live a Greener Life


1. Recycling: Although this may seem like the obvious answer, simply put, we as a nation to not recycle enough. 80% of bottles used end up in landfills, not in recycling. While recycling can be tedious and out of your way to do, it is 100% worth the effort.

2. Save Energy: In the USA around 71% of electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels. While it may not be within everyones ability to acquire a score of renewable energy like solar panels, it is in every power to practice saving energy. Small changes such as turning off lights or unplugging devices that are not in use can save a substantial amount of energy.

3. Saving Water: Saving water is another small change that can make a big difference. Be sure to be mindful of your shower times, and be sure to get leak fixed right away. An excellent way to save both water and energy, and to help keep bottles out of landfills is to invest in a water filter.

Remember that small changes make a big difference. Does your house need a water filter? Environmental Systems Distributing offers reasonably priced water filters and wide variety of makes and models, to find the right water filter for your home.

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